Dulce Baby

What to expect

Thank you so much for considering me at such a remarkable time in your family’s life!  This will give you information on how things flow at Dulce Baby photography and what to expect at your special session.  If you need me to clarify any aspect of our journey together, connect with me here.


Newborn portraiture is a delicate artform that requires plenty of patience and a love of all things associated with a new life.  The time of pregnancy and birth is an incredible experience in a woman’s life.  This time is also fragile, and deserves to be respected and celebrated.   The moment you meet your newborn, your heart is changed forever.  This tiny fragile child is yours to love, protect and nourish.  I am a mother and I have lived this.  Every newborn I get the privilege of holding gets all of me.  I love that little person.  Nothing is as pure.

These are the reasons Dulce Baby photography runs the way it does.  Every aspect has all of these experiences and passion in it.

The safety and comfort of mother and baby are always my number one priority, and are never compromised.

newborn baby held by parents in calgary


Newborn session:

Newborn sessions are ideally held between 5-10 days post-partum.  Your new love still has his or her newborn features for me to capture, and is also very flexible and comfortable all curled up.

Mom need not worry.  I am very skilled at photographing the connection between you.  Everything else fades away in my frame.

Newborn sessions are held in studio where I have access to genuine wood floors and walls.  I have collected newborn props from around the world and have professional studio lighting.  These features ensure that I am able to deliver beautiful images regardless of what the weather decides to do to us in Calgary.

Newborn sessions typically last 3 hours.

newborn looking at camera

Maternity session:

Maternity sessions are a lot of fun!  They are typically held between 32-36 weeks.  Gowns and wraps are provided for use during your session, with plenty to choose from.  Almost all items seen on my website for maternity (and newborn) are available for use.  If there is a specific gown you are hoping for, simply let me know and it will be freshly steamed and waiting for you.  Maternity sessions are between 1-2.5 hours long.

We will talk about what you are hoping for from your session, as well as any fears you may have.  These often include concerns such as a scar, stretchmarks, pregnancy mask, and water retention.  These are all normal conditions when creating a new life.  If you are uncomfortable about anything being photographed, we chat about it.  Sometimes it is a simple photoshop fix like a blemish.  At other times I will plan your posing, lighting and outfit to make you feel and look amazing.  THE most beautiful time!

blonde pregnant woman calgary

The studio:

I am located in the deep sw, about 10 minutes from Westside rec centre.

When you arrive the studio will be very warm.  This is to ensure the comfort and safety of your new love, as newborns cannot regulate their body temperature like adults can.

There is a private nursing room with comfy chairs, television and resting area.  There is also my shooting space which will be styled for you, and an outdoor seating area in the summer.  There is of course, a restroom.

Clients tell me they love how soothing everything is, and it is all done for your new love.  There is a little playground within walking distance for siblings, and often Dad and siblings have lunch in Aspen or Westhills while we work.



How to book:

Booking your session with me is liberating.  After all your research and discussion, it feels so good to make a great choice.  Connect with me here.  Get to know me a bit more here.

Please note that it is best to book when you are still pregnant to ensure availability.  I do my absolute best to accommodate clients who didn’t find me until baby arrived.  It breaks my heart to turn anyone away.  So please book in advance and we can begin this wonderful experience together!