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Baby Griffin ~ Joy and love all in one tiny package! {calgary newborn photographer}

Baby Griffin!  How happy I was to meet you!

When you were still in your Mommy’s tummy, many people were excited about meeting you…including me.  I met your beautiful big sister Sally, your amazing Mom and your over-the-top sweet grandma at Sally’s newborn session.  I remember meeting them and thinking, “Wow, this family is so so nice!”.  I even met Lilly!  She loves running and cheese, in equal amounts hahaha!  You would have had fun at that session Griffin.  I think you would have enjoyed taking a short forest stroll with Mom, Dad, Sally and Lilly.  It was fresh and we were all happy.

When you arrived, your Mom was so so happy.  She was so in love with you right from the start.  And your Dad?  So so proud!  The time I spent with all of you was very special, and filled with sweet moments.  You looked so much like little Sally I kept staring at you.  Your Mom would say, “All I see is Sally!” over and over again.

Calm, sweet, happy and content is how you were that day.  My favorite thing about you was how at ease you were with your family, with chatting and moving and laughing.  You are a delight Griffin.  I am lucky to have been your very first photographer.

And without further ado, the little man himself…

newborn boy tucked in with white wool blanketnewborn boy wearing light grey pantscalgary family kissing


Look at how happy everyone was at having you join the family!

calgary family photographer


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Baby Grace ~ welcome to your loving family sweetheart! {Calgary newborn photographer}

Baby Grace and her family were so amazing!  I met Mom at a coffee shop before the session to chat and get ready for the big day.  She was radiant and so healthy.  She was all smiles and happiness, left me feeling super happy!

When baby Grace arrived, her family was so supportive and loving.  Times like these I feel the pangs of hope for a second child.  These three kids were so kind, and wonderful to each other.  Dad was supportive, quiet and strong.  Baby Grace was really strong!  I remember holding her in my hands and being surprised by her power.  A lot of life-force in her tiny frame!  She was incredibly photogenic, which is no surprise when looking at her gene pool!

Here is a sneak peek into her special day with me at the studio…


dulce baby photography calgarybaby girl in pink with flowersdad holding first child calgaryfamily photographer calgary newborn in purple fur calgary newborn photos calgarynew baby with mom calgarynew baby with family calgary

Sigh…aren’t they wonderful!

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Baby Ezriella ~ a ray of light {Calgary baby photographer}

You know when you meet someone so dynamic you know you will always remember them?  That is how it felt to meet baby Ezriella’s beautiful Mom.  We created her maternity images late this summer, and we had a great time.

When baby Ezriella arrived I was delighted to meet her.  And her hair!!!  Love love love it!  She was completely relaxed and happy for her session, waking only once to feed and be cuddled.  Mom was right there with us as we worked to create her beautiful first images.

Here is baby Ezriella and her Mom, the girls who light up the room when they walk in!  Adore them.

mother and child photographymacro lip photobaby girl in purple bucketnewborn in purplenewborn in designer clothesnewborn baby poutingbaby girl wearing peach flower headbadnewborn aerial viewsmiling looking newborn calgary

Yes, she did smile at me at the end.  It was a pleasure meeting you baby Ezriella, I wish for you all the love your heart can hold!

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Baby George ~ you are perfect {Calgary newborn baby photographer}

Hello and welcome to a sneak into little George’s newborn session!  He was an angel, as was big sister Isabella.  I was lucky enough to photograph Isabella as a newborn, and was over the moon when baby George arrived.  He was so incredibly sweet and relaxed.  Every shot in his gallery I loved, and had a wonderful time processing his images.  I don’t know what it is about his face that I feel photographs perfectly, but it does.  Every angle, every colour, he was adorable!  Mom and Dad are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and overall this family made the shoot a very happy experience for all.  Blessed to have wonderful clients!

Here is just a taste into this special little man’s session…and tell me, don’t you just love his face?!

tiny newborn facesweet newborn boy sleepingboy wearing tweed pantssiblings kissingnewborn boy sleeping in furnew family happy and laughinghappy calgary familynewborn boy wearing bear hat

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Baby Ava ~ delightful baby girl {Calgary newborn photographer}

Sure seems like a while since I have last blogged!  Things have been moving at a hectic and happy pace, and I need to share these wonderful little people!  Newborns are a source of great joy and peace to me.  Working with them is soothing to the soul.

When I first saw baby Ava I could not stop looking at her exquisite face.  She was quiet and happy as I worked with her.  Sleepy and sweet is how I remember her.  At the end of her session, she decided to show us a feistier side of her personality which I captured with Mom.  So many facets to her already, and yet so tiny!  Delightful child!

Here is baby Ava…

newborn in yellow basketsmiling newborn babynew baby girl with mom in albertanewborn baby laying on yellow blanketcalgary newborn wearing yellow hatnewborn swaddled in yellow

She is so sweet!!!

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Thank you so much for being here, and for sharing in the delighful personalities of my tiniest clients!  Enjoy your stay, and connect with me! 

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