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perfect little gentleman Charlie ~ 10 days new {Calgary newborn photographers}

I have been thoroughly enjoying working on Charlie’s adorable newborn photos and wrapping up 2014.  His name is Charles, and when I found this out I was so excited.  You see, I am a lover of the traditional.  His name made me smile. 🙂

Charlie came in with his doting parents as cute as can be in his cozy car seat.  He was so quiet and gentle.  Mommy has THE most beautiful blue eyes, I couldn’t stop looking at them.  Daddy was so loving to Mommy, I couldn’t help but feel like an intruder when he spoke to her.

My favorite colour for Charlie was blue.  The shade didn’t matter, he rocked it.  He had the most perfect skin I have ever seen on a newborn.  So much so, that when I sat down to process his images I zoomed in at 200% to make sure lol.  Lucky little man.  Charlie loved to be held, gentle rubbing on his forehead and head.  I suspect he will enjoy head massages when he goes for haircuts.  He loved being wrapped and talked to.  Although he is a quiet little man, I could feel him relaxing in my arms as I spoke to him.  Asking him how he liked such and such, and commenting on his general behaviour.  Absolute pleasure, and very handsome to boot.  He will be a pleasure to be around that’s for sure.

Here is a peek into Charlie’s session…

redhead baby boy

baby boy with shadows wrapped in bluecalgary parentsAnd I because I love the details…

calgary baby feet

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