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strawberry blonde baby girl ~ just 3 days old! {calgary newborn photographer}

Oh Sydney I do love your beautiful hair!!!

Sydney came in to see me at 3 days new.  Her sweet Mommy contacted me a long while before she arrived and booked her special angel’s session.  Mommy is so soft spoken and gentle, I very much enjoyed our session.  Sydney liked being on her tummy most of all, or wrapped up snug.  She looked so beautiful is soft shades of cream, and petal pink.  Her delicate newborn hair was a glorious shade of strawberry blonde, and the light seemed to dance when it hit her hair.  I couldn’t stop looking at it, and tried to capture a bit of it in every shot.

Sydney had long nails, which Mommy said she had already filed!  I see gorgeous manicures, shiny bouncy hair and a contagious smile in Sydney’s future!  What a special treat to be her very first photographer.  Here she is, with her darling hair…

calgarynewbornphotographerDulceBaby3 day old baby girl calgary dulce baby photography calgary albertastrawberry blonde baby girl

Are you expecting your own baby angel?  Ask me questions, voice concerns, or simply chat with me!  I would love to hear from you!

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